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LED SMART'S GROW3 horticulture LED system receives DLC listing

Surrey, British Columbia

Immediate Release:

LED SMART is pleased to announce that the GROW3 horticultural LED system has been listed by DLC (Design Light Consortium). To learn more about the GROW3 and all its benefits, please visit

Energy Optimization for Horticultural Lighting

As a rapidly growing sector, controlled environment agriculture is ripe with potential for energy savings, and installing energy-efficient LEDs from the get-go can improve crop yields while reducing climate impact. The DLC’s Horticultural QPL is the first Qualified Products List for energy-efficient horticultural lighting. Growers rely on the Horticultural QPL to validate performance claims so they can find efficient and effective indoor lighting options for their crops and keep up with cutting-edge technologies. Together, we can improve the efficiency of sustainable indoor agriculture and could save up to $240 million worth of energy every year through horticultural lighting optimization with the GROW3 system.

About LED SMART Inc.

LED SMART is a leading manufacturer of LED specialty lighting for the military, transportation, and horticulture industries. LED SMART has recently been selected as one of the 2021 Top Growing companies in Canada by the Globe and Mail and Report on Business.

To learn more about LED SMART, visit the corporate website at


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