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LED SMART Announces Smart Robotic Sanitizer Light

July 2, 2020

Surrey, BC, August 01, 2020 – LED SMART Inc today announced it is in the final development stages of their robotic UV sanitizing light that is safe for human exposure, and will be able to disinfect large areas with an automated operating model.

LED SMART has taken UV disinfection, which uses far-UVC light capable of inactivating viruses, and added its robotic technology to produce a product that can be used 24/7 without the need of assistance.

LED SMART plans to eliminate two of the biggest concerns with today’s UVC disinfecting lights.

“With our new technology you will be able to disinfect any space without having to limit human interaction because of exposure issues, and in addition our robotics will allow for consistent sanitization without any manual labor” said Mr. Shan, President of LED SMART.

The smart ultraviolet sanitizer light will be paired with LED SMART’s advanced AI, mesh lighting system and can be programmed for many different applications.

LED SMART’s proprietary AI and IoT technology will bring this type of virus and bacteria killing method to a whole new level, and can be adapted for many different industry applications.

Results from early testing have been encouraging, and recent lab studies suggest that the filtered UV light emitted from these new UV lamps can reduce pathogens on surfaces without posing a health risk to human skin or eyes when used within appropriate parameters.

“In these troubling times of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become extremely important to us to put our resources to work developing a safer, long-term method of reducing the transmissions of viruses and bacteria in public areas,” added Mr. Shan.

LED SMART expects to introduce the light in early 2021.

For more information about the LED SMART disinfecting UV light, or our technologies please email us at

About LED SMART Inc LED SMART, Inc. is a market-leading LED lighting technology company. The Company engineers and manufactures its specialty lighting products in Canada. LED SMART has experienced tremendous growth recently and has landed on Canada’s ‘Growth 500’ list as one of the fasted growing companies two years in a row.

LED SMART is based in Surrey, BC with operations and locations across North America.


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