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Best Startup Canada Names LED SMART Among The Top electronic companies In BRITISh Columbia

November 18, 2021, Surrey, British Columbia:

Best Startup Canada has recognized the great work done by LED SMART by featuring us on their annual list of 101 Top Electronics Startups and Companies in British Columbia.

Celebrating outstanding innovation, management, and growth, Best Startup Canada is an online publication that helps promote Canadian businesses and put them on the international stage. All companies listed on 101 Top Electronics Startups and Companies in British Columbia have been chosen by industry professionals in categories recognizing excellence in innovation and any beneficial impact that has been passed onto society.

The company co-founder, Mr. Ahmed, stated

"Our mission statement is to showcase the top Canadian businesses, encourage investment in them and promote Canadian success wherever we see it, and I feel LED SMART has truly embodied what we stand for as a company. I am proud to help LED SMART attain a platform for the international and domestic Canadian market."


LED SMART is a leading manufacturer of LED specialty lighting for the military, transportation, and horticulture industries. To learn more about LED SMART, visit our website at

'Our company's growth continues to be a direct result of our amazing team across North America. Their ongoing dedication each day continues to drive LED SMART to new heights. We look forward to the future as we continue to develop and launch new products that focus on delivering the latest technology in AI, IoT, Robotics, and Mesh Networking, say's Xinxin Shan, President of LED SMART Inc.

About the Best Startup Canada Award

Annually, Best Startup Canada awards the most successful startups in Canada, with its lists featuring companies who are pushing the limits of innovation to solve critical problems and challenges. Best Startup Canada aims to accelerate the growth of the foremost Canadian based companies, businesses and innovations by promoting them to a global audience.

Pleased and humbled by this latest recognition, LED SMART is ready and eager to deliver on the Canadian and global stage that Best Startup Canada has helped it attain. LED SMART would like to thank everyone involved in making this possible, whose work has gained the recognition and notoriety to achieve a place on this list.


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