Lighting the future

with technologyTM

LED Lighting Systems with Control

Capabilities, Mesh Networking,

   AI, IoT and Robotic Technology  

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We have a long history of supplying the North American transportation industry with lighting design & engineering services.


Our Made in Canada lighting solutions have been around for over 25 years.


Producing quality LED lights for everything from New York City Cabs to Amtrak Rail. 

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Proud supplier of LED lighting for the US Navy, Coast Guard and the Canadian Military.

Ground, Sea or Air we can provide the lighting technology you need for today's environment. 

We have developed some of the most sophisticated, and secure lighting systems in the world.

To learn more about what we can do visit the link below.



The grow light industry is now in our line-up, and we are dedicated to transforming this market immediately.


We have developed some of the most innovated solutions for vertical farming, and it starts with our all new GROW-3 light.


To learn more about GROW-3 visit our website below.  

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Ground, Air or Sea, We Have Your Lighting Solution

Ground Transportation
BLE wireless lighting kits

System Solutions 

for all Your LED

Lighting Projects  

From simple retrofits, to high security AI, IoT and mesh networking solutions, LED SMART can help you complete any project. 

Being a specialty lighting company we can design, engineer and manufacture your lighting project without having to outsource to other companies.


The quality products you'll receive from us will be fully tested in our facility located right here in Vancouver, BC.

Our testing facility is one of the largest in North America.

Some of the great organizations we work with...

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We Keep Growing


“A great thanks to the amazing teams in our Canadian and US facilities for making these achievements possible.  


All of our team members put their complete dedication and focus into satisfying our customers' requests; designing and producing preeminent LED Lighting Products,”

says CEO/President Xinxin Shan."


Our success is completely due to the phenomenal group of people we have working here, who are dedicated to improving each other and our company, every day.”